Release: 2018/09/05

CD: PECF-5003 / ¥2,500+tax

Label: Atik Sounds / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC




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1. Eutopia Intro
2. Dream Away feat. Phum Viphurit  YouTube(Official MV)
3. Ride feat. G Yamazawa, 仙人掌 & Maya Hatch
4. Pursuit
5. Breeze feat. Daichi Yamamoto
6. Paradise (Ever Green)
7. Sticky Step feat. 鎮座DOPENESS & Campanella  YouTube(Official MV)
8. Circle Interlude
9. Above the Clouds feat. 長岡亮介, C.O.S.A. × KID FRESINO & asuka ando
10. Never Been
11. Voyager
12. FANTASIA feat. 一十三十一
13. Eutopia
14. Eternity
15. Changes feat. JJJ  YouTube(Official MV)

Guest Musician: 仰木亮彦(在日ファンク), nakayaan(ミツメ), 岩見継吾, 高橋祐成, MC.sirafu(ザ・なつやすみバンド)


Alfred Beach Sandal + STUTS『ABS+STUTS』


Release: 2017/06/21, 2018/03 (10" Vinyl )

CD: PECF-5002 / ¥1,600+tax

10" Vinyl: JS10S009 / ¥2,300 + tax

Label: Atik Sounds / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC

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-Track List-

01. The Chase

02. Horizon YouTube(Official MV)

03. Daylight Avenue

04. Siesta

05. Quiet Blue

06. A Song of Last Things


All Songs Written by Alfread Beach Sandal

All Songs Produced by STUTS & Alfread Beach Sandal

Mixed by 中村督 (POTATO STUDIO)

Mastered by Chris Gehringer (STERLING SOUND)

02. Rhodes: Yuu Arauchi (cero), Bass: nakayaan (Mitsume)

05. Performance: 思い出野郎Aチーム, Chorus: 大比良瑞希

Artwork: Isamu Gakiya



2017/12/10, 2017/12/26 (7" Vinyl)

7": PEKF95001 / 1,500yen+tax

Released by Atik Sounds / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC

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1. Summer Situation YouTube(Official MV)
2. 0℃の日曜

All Music Produced & Mixed by STUTS

Mastered by Isao Kumano (PHONON) 


STUTS 1st Album 『Pushin'』


2016/04/20, 2017/02/15 (2LP 180g Vinyl)
CD: PECF-5001 2,300yen+tax
2LP: JSLP078 3,500yen+tax (SOLD!! Thank you so much.)
Released by Atik Sounds / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC

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-Track List-

01. Introduction -Pushin'-
02. Renaissance Beat YouTube(Official MV)
03. Furious feat. Campanella & KID FRESINO YouTube(Official MV)
04. Shadow feat. JJJ, KID FRESINO & DJ Scratch Nice
05. Treasure Box
06. Called Game feat. K.Lee & 呂布カルマ
07. Pushin'
08. Special Day feat. CHIYORI
09. Poolside
10. Sail Away feat. Alfred Beach Sandal YouTube(Official MV)
11. Cosmic Journey
12. 5th Dimensional Trip
13. 夜を使いはたして feat. PUNPEE YouTube(Official MV)
14. Rock The Bells feat. KMC


All Music Produced & Mixed by STUTS

Vocal Mix Assisted by Azzurro

Mastered by Isao Kumano (PHONON) 

Artwork: Isamu Gakiya